The North American P-51 Mustang
Reno 2008
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P-51 Mustang at Reno 2008
Reno Air Races 2008
story and photos by Curtis Fowles

"A Celebration"    45 Years Long!

September 10-14, 2008

45 years ago World War II fighters took to the sky and raced a closed course in Reno Nevada. They raced P-51 Mustangs, F8F Bearcats and Hawker Sea Furies. Today the top races are ... (you guessed) ... P-51 Mustangs, F8F Bearcats and Hawker Sea Furies.

One small change from 45 years ago is the speeds at which they race. Engine builders and airframe specialists have come together and chisled away every mile per hour of drag and pushed these race engines to new heights. They know that the road to the biggest trophy on the ramp is steep and narrow. Most never get to the top, few do ... and some do it more than once.

8RN_3314t.jpg 8RN_3335t.jpg 8RN_3361t.jpg 8RN_3428t.jpg 8RN_3439t.jpg 8RN_3448ct.jpg 8RN_3465t.jpg 8RN_3493t.jpg 8RN_3544t.jpg 8RN_3567t.jpg 8RN_3590t.jpg 8RN_3591t.jpg 8RN_3601t.jpg 8RN_3611t.jpg 8RN_3679t.jpg 8RN_3685t.jpg 8RN_3725t.jpg 8RN_3819t.jpg 8RN_3822t.jpg 8RN_3865t.jpg 8RN_3888t.jpg 8RN_3909t.jpg 8RN_3920t.jpg 8RN_3929t.jpg 8RN_3941t.jpg 8RN_3955t.jpg 8RN_3965t.jpg 8RN_3971t.jpg 8RN_3992t.jpg 8RN_4001cvt.jpg 8RN_4010t.jpg 8RN_4013t.jpg 8RN_4023t.jpg

This year we have three past Unlimited Champions (pilots) and five past Champs (racers) in the field. Two of the past champions have won mulitple times. You want the know the best news about that? Those three past champs all qualified in the top four and the top five racers are all past champs. Michael Brown won in 2006, John Penney has been champion four times and Tiger Destefani has found the winner's circle six times!

Who is the other top qualifier? None other than Dan Martin who hauled his stockish "Ridge Runner III" around the course at over 460 mph a few years back. Oh, and Dan qualified first this year. He and Team Dago Red have been working hard for many months and the hard work is showing.

The Unlimited Gold racers put on an exciting show this year. The four fastest racers, all healthy, all in Reno, all still in the top four come Sunday and all want to win! You can't write this stuff any better.

8RN_4031t.jpg 8RN_4053t.jpg 8RN_4096t.jpg 8RN_4150t.jpg 8RN_4258t.jpg 8RN_4472t.jpg 8RN_4487t.jpg 8RN_4494t.jpg 8RN_4500t.jpg 8RN_4509t.jpg 8RN_4513t.jpg 8RN_4525t.jpg 8RN_4684t.jpg RN8_0136t.jpg RN8_0138t.jpg RN8_0152t.jpg RN8_0155t.jpg RN8_0163t.jpg RN8_0165t.jpg RN8_0272ct.jpg RN8_0415at.jpg RN8_0469t.jpg RN8_0503t.jpg RN8_0524t.jpg RN8_0537t.jpg RN8_0552t.jpg RN8_0875t.jpg RN8_0886t.jpg RN8_0890t.jpg RN8_1094t.jpg RN8_1246t.jpg RN8_1297t.jpg RN8_1300t.jpg RN8_1350t.jpg RN8_1564t.jpg

We all know about the unlimited racers with their mega-horsepower, great sound and fast speeds, but did you know that the Reno Air Races have other classes too (they do?) yes, they do! - biplane, formula one, sport, T-6, jet and the unlimiteds. They use four different course lengths according to the speeds at which they race. Race speeds ranged from 175 to over 520 mph! Course lengths vary from 3.1761 to 8.43 miles.

Winners of the "other" classes in 2008 are as follows:
   Biplane - Tom Aberle, Mong Sport #62 "Phantom", 251 mph
   Formula One - Steve Senegal, Arnold AR-6 #11 "Endeavor", 246 mph
   T-6 - Ken Dwelle, #7 "Tinkertoy", 244 mph
   Sport - John Sharp, Nemesis NXT #3 "Nemesis", 392 mph
   Jet - Curt Brown, L-29 #77 "Viper", 507 mph

The weather during this year's races was fantastic with warm temps and light winds on all days except Tuesday, where the wind kicked up in the afternoon. This week was the best in many years for a combination of great racing, great weather and great fun throughout the week.

RN8_1676t.jpg RN8_1685t.jpg RN8_1689t.jpg RN8_1704t.jpg RN8_1706t.jpg RN8_1716t.jpg RN8_1748t.jpg RN8_1757t.jpg RN8_1778t.jpg RN8_1781t.jpg RN8_1794t.jpg RN8_2155t.jpg RN8_2159t.jpg RN8_2182t.jpg RN8_2210t.jpg RN8_2225t.jpg RN8_2264t.jpg RN8_2268t.jpg RN8_2334t.jpg RN8_2414t.jpg RN8_2510vt.jpg RN8_2591t.jpg RN8_2607t.jpg RN8_2618t.jpg RN8_2624t.jpg RN8_2625t.jpg RN8_2626t.jpg RN8_2658t.jpg RN8_2667t.jpg RN8_2884t.jpg RN8_3005t.jpg RN8_3275t.jpg RN8_3303vt.jpg RN8_3678t.jpg